Job Interviews

Ah, the dreaded job interview. I know the anxiety has to be bubbling in your stomach just thinking about them. The job interview life is the life I’m currently living being back on the job hunt.

As we are moving to Rotterdam in the next two months, I have spent vast hours scouring the job sites, writing cover letters, and sending my CV to potential employers.

Some jobs are random and others are what I consider “dream jobs.” I’d really be happy getting any of them. #moneyplease

The wait for responses is brutal, anxiously opening your emails to check and see if anyones interested, it almost feels like being back on a dating app. It is especially difficult when each job you apply for, you believe you’d would be a perfect fit for. You and twenty others, that is.

While the wait is hard, it almost feels worth it when you do get a request for an interview. like, YES! SOMEONE WANTS ME! I AM WORTHY!

Then, the reality hits, and it’s like, SHIT, INTERVIEW TIME. :/

Interviews are no joke. The interviewer staring you down, analysing your responses, thinking of impossible scenario questions, almost trying to trip you up. Really, they can be soul crushing at times.

I’ve realised the key to them, is to be bubbly. Every interview I have done, I’m just Miss Bubbles, cause even if I’m not the perfect fit, they can’t say I wasn’t nice. That I didn’t have personality. Bubbly also gives me confidence, it makes me feel more likeable, and relatable. In turn, it makes me become the person I like and the one I want people to see me as. I think it portrays the most inner version of me.

I think a company that doesn’t like bubbly, wouldn’t be the place for me anyways. Cue: DEPRESSING.

Mostly though, interviews are just talking about yourself. If you love yourself and are proud of yourself and your accomplishments, most of the time they won’t go badly.

Just remember, if it doesn’t go your way, don’t give up. There will be a job for you and in the meantime, just look at those interviews as practice for the next ones. The more practice, the better you get. Soon, you’ll be a Miss (or Mr) Bubbles too.

What are some of your tips & tricks to crushing an interview?

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