Hi Boys, Girls, and all in between,

SO sorry I have been MIA the past few months. Apparently life easily gets in the way… who knew?

The life of Jam has consisted of me getting engaged, buying a house, and making a million dollars. So all in all, I’ve absolutely been living.

Now, if you fell for all that, then you really are a sucker.

I am still single as a Pringle, though I am attempting to put myself back in the shark infested waters, aka the dating life. In a future post I will update you all on my thoughts to do with modern dating.

I am still working and living in Cork, Ireland, where I absolutely love my job. Cork at times can become a bit suffocating, due to the size comparison to New York, but there is no place I’d rather continue building my life.

I have been on many more adventures, travel wise, which I will go into great detail in my future posts, full of what I recommend or even IF I recommend.

I also met my soulmate in life, her name is Ally. Nothing romantic. Please take your mind out of the gutter. To explain her that will likely cover multiple posts related to friendships, soulmates, and why you need one when you move to another country alone.

As I wait for my bus from Dublin airport to Cork (a lovely three hour journey), I go over all the thoughts I have gathered on my trip to New York. I saw family and friends there, which is always lovely, but have a bittersweet feeling in my heart. It leaves me with a question, which hopefully in due time I will have an answer for:

When does a place you once though of as home, stop being home? When do you realize that home might be elsewhere and you have finally made a life completely of your own?

That’s all for now folks, sleep is quickly trying to take over,


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