The many thoughts which cross my mind at an airport…

Let’s begin this post by informing you why I am at an airport in the first place. My best friend of over ten years is graduating college, so naturally being her number one fan, I must be there. She lives and goes to school in Boulder, Colorado, which will be my destination for the remainder of this week. (I will make sure to write a review at the end of the week.)

Now, I have been traveling since I was nine months old, at an average of three trips a year, mostly international. So, it is safe to say that it is something I am used to doing and I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of it, except the airports. This post will inform of all the good and bad thoughts that cross my mind during every airport experience I have had.

  1. Most people at airports are very grumpy.

They become especially agitated going through security because no matter how many times you have done it, it feels like the first time. What I mean by that is the questions, “Belt off? Shoes off? Is this a liquid?” are asked EVERYTIME. I mean by now one should know the drill…right? Nope.

  1. The expectation that ones flight will be delayed or cancelled, should always be there.

Over the past five years, almost every trip I have taken, my flight has been cancelled or delayed and my luggage has been lost. So, it is my belief that a trip which goes smoothly should be more surprising than one with cancellations or delays. (If you think this way, you can never be disappointed.)

  1. You are always extra hungry.

When it comes to flying, I must buy snacks before I get to the airport, even when I know I will just end up buying more at the airport. For some reason, snacks just become more appealing and the need to buy them is one I cannot fight, especially when you are passing them while walking the miles to your terminal. Even then, no matter how much I buy and prepare, I will never say no to service during the flight. Oh? Mini pretzels? Yes, please.

  1. Wear sneakers, because running in heels when you are late for a flight is a nightmare.

I am a complete fashionista, I cannot leave my house without makeup on my face and my outfit on fleeky. For me, this means that my shoes must always be some type of heel. Even though I have experienced running to gates in heels multiple times and feeling the pain of blisters and sweat all over my body, I still insist on wearing heels. While, I refuse to submit to the idea of wearing sneakers at an airport, I advise everyone else to have common sense and wear them.

  1. People always look very tired or out of it.

The most likely reasons behind this is that its either very early in the morning, this is their lay-over, or they have just popped a few Xanax and are feeling fantastic.

  1. Airport arrivals are one of my favorite parts of life.

Have you ever watched the YouTube videos of soldiers coming home and reuniting with their families? Yeah. Total tearjerker. Well, for me, that is the entire vibe of an arrival gate. Everyone has a total look of relief on their faces, no matter how tired they are because the journey is finally done. There is either excitement to be in a new place and realizing exploration is about to begin, or just pure content about being HOME. Finally, if you are experiencing a reunion with a loved one, there cannot be a better feeling or display of emotion than that. I don’t even have to know the person, but when I see a reunion I could cry happy tears with them.

  1. Airports are still airports, no matter how fun they try to make them.

If you travel the world, you will see that every airport is unique and many try to add features which make the experience better and more appealing. This can be done with restaurants, shopping, movie theaters, art, gardens, and massages. Some airports even have hair and nail salons, you know just in case you feel like suddenly getting a makeover. At the end of the day, no one really wants to be at the airport, but thanks for trying anyway. **

So, while I write this from my Economy Class seat, 37,000 feet in the air, eating my mini pretzels, just know I cannot wait get to that arrival gate and have my own tear-filled reunion.


**While I do poke fun at airports trying their best to be more appealing, I do look forward to seeing the Singapore airport in a few months, since it is said to be the best in the world. It even has a waterfall.

What are some of the thoughts that go through your mind at an airport? Share in the comments below!

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