And so it begins…

“And so it begins…” a very popular phrase to signify the beginning of a major or important event. For me, that is starting this blog which will hopefully be filled with the various events (and most likely misgivings) of my life! How exciting.

I have been wanting to start a blog since I was about eighteen years old. That is now FIVE years ago and while I could wait and ponder what I could possibly blog about, I decided now is as good as a time as any.

Now, as a forewarning, I have always been one to be a bit sarcastic, very dramatic, and full of self deprecating jokes. If you stick around, you might catch on to that, but surprisingly enough, this blog will look at life and the future in a positive manner (so I hope.)

There is a lot I have in store for me in the coming months, mostly regarding new jobs in new countries, with new people. Meanwhile, I have also dived back into dating. Add all of these factors together and you get extreme anxiety about the “unknown.”*

If you haven’t caught the gist yet, this blog will be used to keep me sane. Lets hope it works.



*Pre-warning: “unknown” will be a word used often and with lack of restraint, at least until I figure out what the “unknown” is.

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